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Electronics Design Services

ASIC Physical Design (Back-End)

ASIC/FPGA Design (Front-End)

Analog, Mixed-Signal IC Design

Embedded Systems Design

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Electronic Chip

ASIC Physical Design (Back-end)

Transform your IP's into a chip. 


ASIC/FPGA Digital Design (Front-end)

Create a custom digital IP for your needs. 


Analog/Mixed-signal IC Design

Order a custom analog/mixed-signal IC. 


Embedded Systems Design

Hire embedded HW & SW development services. 

Image by Laura Ockel


Ulepus offers VLSI circuit & embedded systems design services to its customers worldwide. The company is formed by a team of experienced individuals who are seasoned by many years in the electronics and defense industry. 

Ulepus is capable of delivering full turnkey analog, mixed-signal and digital integrated circuits, as well as embedded systems products. 

We work with semiconductor companies at various levels, including execution of entire projects, complementing customers' existing design teams, and providing engineering staff as needed. 

"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the world."

Albert Einstein


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